Campaign Finance Reports Set Stage for April 3 Primary

Campaign Finance Reports Set Stage for April 3 Primary

With less than a month before the April 3 primary-you did know that you get to vote in a primary on April 3, right?-yesterday’s campaign finance reports deadline was a big one. Both incumbents and challengers need to show that they’re serious contenders going into the final stretch, and one measure is how much money they have. No, it’s not a perfect way to gauge a candidate, but it certainly helps with getting voters out to the polls come election day. And for an election that’s expected to have low turnout, that matters.

So, how do the candidates stack up? Below are some outtakes from the most recent reports, including what candidates took in since late January, how much they’re raised over the life of their campaign and what’s left in the bank. (Also: Mike DeBonis, Loose Lips)

Vincent Orange: $50,032.00 in, $195,252.00 total, $114,388.72 on hand
Peter Shapiro: $28,125.00 in, $118,416.00 total, $81,671.95 on hand
Sekou Biddle: $20,029.40 in, $67,315.40 total, $41,630.18 on hand
E. Gail Anderson Holness: $1,805.00 in, $3,975.00 total, $2,270.74 on hand

Ward 2
Jack Evans: $24,110.00 in, $337,844.14 total, $88,706.27 on hand

Ward 4
Muriel Bowser: $30,962.00 in, $297,444.20 total, $217,143.14 on hand
Max Skolnik: $7,697.40 in, $46,908.41 total, $7,570.97 on hand

Ward 7
Yvette Alexander: $17,675.00 in, $146,200.00 total, $18,558.71 on hand
Tom Brown: $12,499.00 in, $34,888.51 total, $1,381.56 on hand
Kevin Chavous, Jr.: $2,755.00 in, $38,212.00 total, $8,779.80 on hand

Ward 8
Marion Barry: $57,681.00 in, $73,681.00 total, $7,374.80 on hand
Darrell Gaston: $6,425.00 in, $29,265.35 total, $11,288.44 on hand
Sandra Seegars: $7,206.53 in, $8,546.53 total, $6386.06 on hand

Shadow Senator:
Michael D. Brown: $1,228.75 in, $1,228.75 total, $320.00 in debt
Pete Ross: $100,000.00 in, $202,000 total, $146,414.77 on hand

Ward 5 Special Election (May 15)
Kenyan McDuffie: $30,186.15 in, $46,754.15 total, $21,770.32 on hand
Delano Hunter: $15,016.45 in, $35,109.07 total, $16,217.68 on hand
Tim Day: $5,799.00 in, $6,274.00 total, $4,109.07 on hand
Kathy Henderson: $1,200.00 in, $1,722.33 total, $1,200.00 on hand

>> While Orange leads in money, Shapiro is nipping at his heels. Additionally, Orange has admitted that at least $26,000 he raised for his special election win last April may have been of questionable provenance, according to the Post, provoking another round of questions and criticisms from his challengers. (The City Paper got a look at some of the troublesome money orders today.) Even second-place finisher Patrick Mara wants Orange’s fundraising looked into, he said today in a statement: “In these times of ongoing scandals and ethical failings by our elected officials, Mr. Orange has a lot of questions to answer before anyone should entrust him with their vote,” said Mara. Want to pry some answers out of Orange? The Urban Neighborhood Alliance is hosting an At-Large debate tonight at the Black Cat.

>> Evans has nary a challenger, but has raised more than anyone else. Why? Because not doing so would send the message that he’s taking his race for granted, he told the Examiner today.

>> Bowser is swimming in cash, and has more in the bank than all of her challengers combined. Still, Skolnik has landed a few blows at recent debates, and even has his share of big-name supporters-Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, for one. Bowser, Skolnik and the rest of the Ward 4 field squares off tonight in a City Paper-sponsored debate at Petworth’s Domku.

>> Alexander remains one of the most troubled incumbents, and she’s not as flush as some of her colleagues when it comes to money in the bank.

>> According to the City Paper, Barry recently collected campaign cash by passing around a hat at a birthday party. (Is that legal? Sure, but only if it’s less than $25, and it still has to be reported.) Was any of that cash recorded in Barry’s report? Doesn’t look like it. There are a few money orders there, though, the very money orders that have provoked issues within Mayor Vince Gray’s 2010 campaign and Orange 2011 special election campaign.

>> In the battle for the unpaid shadow senator position, Ross has already dropped some $55,000 in order to unseat Michael D. Brown. The incumbent, meanwhile, has raised no money other than the $1,200 and change he’s loaned his campaign.

>> Even though the Ward 5 special election isn’t until May 15, it looks like it’s turning into a two-man match-up: Kenyan McDuffie vs. Delano Hunter. The latter may have won a recent straw poll, but the former took in more money during this reporting period.

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Campaign Finance Reports Set Stage for April 3 Primary

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