A Cheesy Celebration: It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

In the realm of the completely made up and utterly useless celebrations, this is one we can get behind: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. (As for National Grilled Cheese Month, which takes place in April, well, that’s a little overkill.) There is always something to be said for the simple comforts of a grilled cheese sandwich, after all.

As we do every year, I polled our faithful DCist writers and editors for their favorite places to grab a grilled cheese sandwich. As usual, Stoney’s and Tunnicliff’s ranked high on the list. The Diner also has two options, including the always delicious Popeye, with grilled feta and spinach. Busboys and Poets has a solid option, too, matching brie with grilled onions. For something different, try Sticky Fingers’ Grilled Daiya-yes, it’s vegan. Taylor Gourmet has two options on its menu, too.

Cheesetique’s two locations in Shirlington and Del Ray received rave reviews (six fancy options), as did Churchkey and the Black Squirrel, which pairs its sandwich with tomato bisque and a salad. The Post’s Going Out Gurus also have some good options, including Bayou Bakery, Room 11 and Silver Spring’s Quarry House Tavern.

In the realm of food trucks, Eat Wonky is no longer around, but the Big Cheese certainly is, with five varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches. (And tomato soup!) The truck will be by Nats Park today for the home opener, if you’re wondering. Jos

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