All-Stars Power Past Port Authorities, Whips Deny DemonCats

All-Stars Power Past Port Authorities, Whips Deny DemonCats

(James Calder)

DC Rollergirls All-Stars 197 – 131 Maine Port Authorities
By Special Correspondent: Rock Clobster

The first bout of the day saw a fierce tussle between the DC Rollergirls All-Stars (ranked 11 in the East) and the Maine Port Authorities (#10E) to lay claim to the all-important 10th spot in the WFTDA East Region. DC came in seeking revenge after two prior losses to Maine: 163-82 in 2011, and 125-104 in 2009. This third time was DC’s charm, as they sent the Port Authorities sailing north nursing a 197-131 loss and undoubtedly some bruises from the aggressively physical game, with high-scoring powerjams the key to DC’s victory against an otherwise closely matched Maine team.

DC’s jammer-line scrum start kicked off the bout, and the first jam ended 3-2 in Maine’s favor. When Shirley B. Slammin’ was jamming, she took advantage of penalties on DC jammer Jersey Jill and her two hard-hitting teammates, Nubian Nemesis and Lois Slain, to increase Maine’s lead to 13-2. Maine’s Grim D. Mise added five more while Jill was still sidelined to end 18-2. DC battled back in the next jam, with Barbra Booey adding 8 to end 19-10, aided by her sidekick blockers Hoova Dayum and Helena Handbag. After two evenly matched jams, Maine’s captain Jessica Aspiras went on a scoring tear at the 20-minute mark which boosted Maine’s lead to 41-19. Jersey Jill then met one Grim D. Mise when she was lapped for a grand slam: Grim ultimately added 9 to make the score 50-19, where it stayed put on Maine’s side for the next six jams.

DC regrouped following a time out, with Barbra Booey scoring three (missing only her out-of-bounds opponent), then Dual Hitizen converting some Francophiles by adding 13, narrowing Maine’s lead to 50-35. Jersey Jill was the track’s Boss over Crystal Whip, notching nine points thanks to the backing of her E Street blockers Jackie Mae Day and Velocityraptor. With 10 minutes left in the half, Lenore Gore drilled her way to the front of the pack-despite some fierce defense by Lil’ Punisher-scoring 18 and giving DC a 62-50 lead they would never relinquish. With Barbra Booey and Dual Hitizen each adding four points in hit-and-quits, DC increased its lead 70-50. DC’s 51-0 run against Maine was finally stopped by Jessica Aspiras, who scored four points at the 8-minute mark during a powerjam which left Dual Hitizen in Napoleonic exile, and Grim D. Mise adding four more while Dual was still confined to Elba. But Lenore Gore refused to let the lead snagged on her watch to slip further: In a powerjam with Crystal Whip out of ammunition, she scored 14 to keep DC on top 84-59. DC’s defense kept Crystal contained upon her return: She scored just one in a powerjam while Jersey Jill was in the Badlands. Dual Hitizen scored the final four points of the half, bringing the score to 88-60, DC.

The second half started much like the first, with a 3-2 scoring battle, this time won by DC. Shirley B. Slammin’ and Lenore Gore then traded powerjams to boost both sides, with Shirley prevailing to increase Maine’s tally to 77 against DC’s 95. Barbra Booey took DC over the century mark, scoring 10 against Kissy Kicks to end at 105. Dual won her duel with Crystal whipped in the box, scoring another 12, while Lenore Gore kept the scoreboard smoking by putting up 19 more, despite Mae Snap’s elastic efforts to contain her. Maine’s Grim D. Mise managed to add four points for her team, but her efforts were erased by another high-scoring DC jam: 18 points for Barbra Booey to make the score 154-89. Grim answered with another four, and Lenore Gore stormed back with 8, but so did Shirley B. Slammin’ when no one could call off the jam. DC stayed put at 162 while Spry Icicle ended her frosty spell with four, and Grim matched her to increase Maine’s score to 109. Dual Hitizen and Jersey Jill each added 8, then Spry and Grim mounted a minor Maine comeback, scoring 4 and 14 respectively with less than five minutes left. But DC wasn’t finished packing on the points yet: Barbra Booey issued a stern rebuke to Jessica Aspiras, scoring 19 to end up at 197. Grim D. Mise continued Maine’s strong finish, scoring 4 to make the final 197 DC, 131 Maine.

On April 28, the DC All-Stars will head to the Dulles SportsPlex to face off against Suburbia Roller Derby Brawl Stars (#12E), who narrowly defeated DC, 100-92, in 2011.

Majority Whips 193 – 89 DC DemonCats
By Special Correspondent: Velocityraptor

For the second bout of the day, the DC DemonCats met the Majority Whips for the first time since the season opener back in October 2011, when the Whips, DC’s newest home team, squeaked out a one-point win over the Season 3 and Season 4 Champions. In a delightfully symmetrical bookend to the season, the two teams finally met again on Saturday to determine who would close the regular season in third place going into the consolation bout on May 12. It was a 60-minute battle of wills, with both teams putting out lineup after lineup of powerful jammers and nimble blockers. Many skaters were pulling double duty after skating in the first bout of the day with the DC All-Stars.

The first jam was a 4-0 for the Whips’ Dual Hitizen, backed by the cheering of her flag-waving French family in the stands. From that point, the Whips were off and running, and never looked back. In the fifth jam, the DemonCats’ Nina Ninja jumped out for lead jammer to get some points on the board, bringing the score to 12-3. With steady offense-to-defense switches, the Whips continued to pile on consistent points, even holding the DemonCats’ Mini Vandal in the pack for an entire jam while the twinkle-toed Slam Grier put up a 15-0 run to make it 33-3 in favor of the Whips.

Both teams threw up solid defense, with veteran DemonCat blockers Hooah!Girl and Lady Burn Johnson laying out more than one squirrely Whips jammer alongside Aurora Borey-ALL-ASS, Rachel MadHo, Bad Asset, and Ovary Action. The wide wall of Whips, anchored by captains Lois Slain and Styx N Stones, with the help of Spank Erin, Jackie Mae Day, and Stabigail Adams made life difficult for the persistent DemonCat jammers. Despite the steady efforts of Nina Ninja and A. Little Lawless (including a much-needed 20-point powerjam for Ninja to close out the half), the DemonCats found themselves on the wrong side of 91-52 at halftime.

With rested focus and teamwork, the DemonCats came out swinging with renewed determination. The tireless Jersey Jill leapt out for lead over the Whips’ Nasty Pelosi for a quick 2-0, followed by a 3-1 for Nina Ninja to bring the score to 96-57. But Pelosi rebounded quickly, racing out from behind the

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