Increase The Creativity Of Your Kids – Use Top 5 Educational Apps For Android

Increase The Creativity Of Your Kids – Use Top 5 Educational Apps For Android

We all want our children to become mentally sharp and creative. However, it is not easy to take time out for this purpose these days. There are certain educational apps for android that can be helpful for your kid to learn new things and sharpen his brain.

Latest trend in market is to learn through technology. The days have gone when people used different manual skills to improve their mental abilities and creativity. Since, we are living in an advanced world today so many people are using android apps for educational purposes.

There are so many educational apps for android available in Google Play Store. We are going to review the top 5 apps that are really helpful in increasing the mental abilities of small children.

1. Formulas Lite

This app is basically a collection of important information and different tools that can be helpful for students. You can learn the most important formulas used in physics, chemistry and math. Chemistry section also contains a periodic table that can be taped to view any element in detail.

There is a scientific calculator included in the app as well. Translator, web references, metric conversion tools and interesting facts section is a plus point for students to learn new things.

2. Aldiko Book Reader

With the help of this app, you can always keep your entire catalogue of books with you. You can easily download and read thousands of eBooks on your android smartphone. The reading experience is completely customizable that gives user freedom to do anything.

You can also bookmark books that you like so you can read them later in free time. Categories like best sellers, classics and new releases let you select a book easily.

3. Map Master

If you want to practice your geography knowledge then this app is designed for you. The app will ask you about different capitals and you will have to locate them using the map in this app. Along with state capitals, the app will also ask you about different famous places that you have to locate on the map again.

The app will save all your information and give score points as per your performance in different countries. There are different levels in this game that keep you interested in playing it again and again.

4. Dropwords

Want to practice your vocabulary and increase it? Dropwords is beautiful app designed for this purpose. This app will examine your vocabulary by giving different puzzles to you. There are different puzzle games that let you generate more interest in the game.

5. Flash Card Maker Pro

This app has the Text-to-Speech capability and it is one of its own kinds. The app is great for those who want to learn new tricks to improve their mental abilities. It will help you increase your creativity too if you use it properly.

So, there are so many other educational apps for android phones that it will become difficult for you to decide which app you should use. However, above 5 apps are best for anyone who wants to learn new things and improve his mental abilities.

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