How To Root Samsung Galaxy Advance I9070

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Advance I9070

Looking for a way to root your Samsung Galaxy Advance I9070? We, at Best Android Blog bring to you the complete tutorial on the whole process.

Note: If you’re thinking that your firmware version isn’t the same as ours and that you might experience some problem, then don’t worry because this procedure below is for all the available firmwares of the device and that it would work like a charm.

Still if you happen to run across a problem or have a doubt, feel free to submit your query in the comments section below this post.

Firmwares this procedure has been tested with: XXLD1, ZSDL1, VJLD1, DXLD1, DDLD4, JPLD3, ZSLE4, XXLD2 and XXLE2.


  • Your PC should have Windows OS, ubunto and mac are not supported.
  • Complete attention to the process, as any wrong move may brick your phone.

Rooting Procedure:

    • Firstly, download the GT-I9070 file required to root the device. You can get it from here.
    • Extract it somewhere you have easy access to on your PC, I’d recommend the desktop.
    • Open up the extracted folder and run the Odin 3 v1.83.exe application.
    • In your device, go to settings > Applications > Development and check the USB debugging option. Also make sure to allow mock locations.
    • Once both of the options are ticked, turn off your device and put it back into the Download mode by pressing the Volume Down + Home Button + Power button.
    • Have patience, for you will now come across a strange screen.
    • Plug in your device with the PC using your USB cable.
    • Soon your PC will recognize the phone. It is sure to take a while on the first try. If after a couple of time it doesn’t show up, try reinstalling the Samsung drivers for your device using the internet.
    • Once recognized, under the PIT file, browser for GT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G_20111220_KL6.pit. If you can’t find this file, try searching in the folder you extracted the file mentioned in step 1.
    • After you have opened the .pit application, you have to choose rootkernel.tar.md5 under PDA.
    • Look for the options available to you, amongst them check for the ones which are checked i.e. selected and those which are unchecked.
    • Now uncheck Re-Partition, Flash Lock, Phone EFS Clear, Phone Bootloader Update.
    • Check or select the Auto reboot and F.Reset time options.
    • After you are done with all the selection and de-selection, press start and wait for the phone to reboot.
    • Now repeat the steps from 5 to 14, except for choosing the rootkernel.tar.md5, this time choose xxld1.tar.md5. In case you have any other firmware choose the appropriate and download it from below;


  • Now download and install the Superuser app from the market.
  • Also, download the Busybox application to install the bust box binary. Installing Superoneclick can also work as an alternative for this tool.

There you have it… Your Samsung Galaxy Advance I9070 Android device is successfully rooted.

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